India's antique jewel, whose glint is reflected in the timeless waters of the Bay of Bengal, which glints proudly as the first rays of the golden star kiss its world-renowned gem--the Sun temple-- Welcome to Odisha. This is the historic land of the unequalled Magadh ruler Ashoka, whose symbol of the four lions is indeed the official seal of the Government of India. Dip your finger, nay, your entire soul in the clear waters of the largest coastal lake Chilika, that is home to nearly 600 birds, some of which fly in after making an arduous but ritual journey from remote parts of Russia, the Caspian Sea, Mongolia and the Himalayas. What you find in Odisha is not just history but culture as well. The Odissi dance form has been synonymous with everything sensuous and alluring since 2000 years. Or let yourself be captivated by Sand art along the shores, so unique to this land. Revive the spiritual YOU in the centuries-old Jagannath temple at Puri. Discover your adventurous side and opt for a safari or embark on a nature trail in the Nandankanan zoo in Bhubaneshwar. Experience the calm of the Kanjia lake while the seeker in you ponders the serenity of the eyes of the Buddha. Ever so often you have allowed your instincts to guide you. Now allow us to help you decide on the facts and facets to make this journey. Begin to realize yourself here in Discover Odisha.