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Odisha to plant cyclone resilient trees

Posted by: Do Team Updated:15.05.2019

Cyclone Fani has destroyed the forest cover of Odisha and has affected it's greenery.In its aftermath, the State government has come up with an initiative to plant cyclone resilient trees across the sea belt to reduce the effect of cyclonic winds in future. As per reports, since 1960, Odisha Government had planted Casuarina (Jhau) tree in straits across the beach creating a coastal shelter wall to resist Cyclone. The 1999 Super Cyclone and 2019 Fani have destroyed a big chunk of this man-made forest, subsequently weakening the resistance.“Our major focus now will be plantations. There will be special scheme to resist the cyclone. Large number of Casuarina trees will be planted in the sea facing areas and other wind resistant species including fodder species and mixed species would be planted in the mid-region of the sea,” informed, Chief Wildlife Warden, Ajay Kumar Mahapatro.